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The mission of the Clark County Landlord Association CCLA is to advance the interest of property owners; to provide a network of education and support on related issues; protecting and enhancing the business of rental property and investing in a fair and honest manner.  A non-profit Organizaton.

Meet The Board

Greg Wood, President

As a current Property Manager of over 20 residential properties and a facilities manager for over 30 yrs at Lexmark, Greg was inspired to start a group that reached out to all landlords in Clark County. As “chief volunteer,” and president, he works with the officers and community to further the organization’s mission to provide a network of education and support for property owners.  He supervises and controls all of the day-to-day business and affairs of the cooporation.

Kathy Tackett, Vice President

As vice president, Kathy is responsible for performing duties  that may be assigned by the president and take over such duties of the organization in absence of the president or refusal to act. When so acting, she shall have all of the powers and be subject to all of the restrictions upon the president.

Roy Fugitt, Legal Volunteer

Roy volunteers his legal servies for the association which include acting as custodian of the organization's governing documents such as the articles of incorporation and by-laws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan.

Lynn Roberts, Treasurer

Lynn is the treasurer of CCLA and is responsible for all funds and securities of the corporation.  She presents the organization's current financial reports, oversees financial transactions, develops the annual budget and keeps the Membership financial list up to date, including initiation dues on new, paid and unpaid members.

Kathey Reed, Secretary

As the secretary, Kathey ensures that meetings are effectively organized and planned along with the president and other officers and provides members with notice of meetings. She keeps record of minutes and agenda and circulates accordingly.  Keeping up-to-date contact details (i.e. names, addresses and telephone numbers) for the committee and (where relevant) ordinary members of the organization.

Justin Byrd, Director 3YR

As the 3 year director for the organization, Justin oversees each department in this nonprofit, including marketing, fundraising, program development and acts as a representative of the organization and other duties that may be assigned by the president.

Marcy Martin, Director 2YR

As the 2 year director for the organization, Marcy assists in overseeing each department and their duties to the association. She performs all duties incident to the office and any other roles assigned by the president or vice president.

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